How to find us?

If you are coming by the car

Traveling by the car is very popular among the tourists from all over the world. It gives the opportunity to discover the whole region. And the Istria is full of surplices!

The easiest and fastest way to get to Istria is through Italy and the town Trieste or thought Slovenian and it's capital Ljubljana. As soon as you have entered the town Porec you will see the gas station CRODOUX. Our house is located in the part of the town called Finida, 100m from the CRODOUX gas station. In the settlement please take first street to the left and that again second street to the left. Our house is second house on the left side.



How to avoid paying Slovenian highway vignette?

There is just a 7km trough the Slovenia and this way you can avoid paying the Slovenian vignette and save 30 euro.

If you are coming from Germany after the Vilach take direction Italy – Udine – Trieste.

Directly on Italian-Slovenian border turn right on the OMV gas station and drive right behind the station.

On the first junction turn left direction Skofije. Follow the road which will be parallel to highway.

After Skofije take direction Bertoki and after Bertoki direction Koper.

You will have to drive trough several roundabout - avoid signs for the highway to Koper and take the land road as explained.

Drive behind small OMV petrol station and at the first roundabout turn left to the hill and take first right to KOPER.

After 3 km zou are in Koper, at the roundabout turn left and left again at traffic light.

On the way back do the same backwards.

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If you are coming by the plain

There are different possibilities to reach Istria by the plain:

  • Direct flights to Pula or Rijeka during the season
  • Flight to Pula or Rijeka the whole year long via Zagreb
  • Flight to Trieste and that to Porec with the bus
  • Flight to Ljubljana or Zagreb and that with the bus or train
  • Flight to Venice and that with the speed boat